“Walking by Faith” … What’s involved?

Been spending some significant time reading and reflecting on what the Bible teaches about faith… Here are my thoughts and conclusions about “walking by faith”…

Definition of “Faith”

Faith is confidence in God… trusting His character, believing and obeying His word, embracing His promises, following His leadership, drawing upon his encouragement and strength.

Bartel’s Suggested 10 Lessons from Hebrews 11

  1. Faith depends on the reliability of God’s character.
  2. Faith is predicated on divine revelation.
  3. Faith demands obedience.
  4. Faith follows the Lord’s leadership and guidance.
  5. Faith requires spiritual eyesight.
  6. Faith expects God to fulfill His promises.
  7. Faith expects and experiences miracles
  8. Faith endures seeming contradiction and difficult circumstances
  9. Faith requires sustained confidence and patience.
  10. Faith does not require perfection in order for it to work

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