Dealing with the ugly creatures in dark corners of your life

creatures in dark cornersI heard Sharon’s insistent, intense voice from the kitchen… “LeRoy come here!”  I hurried into where she was, and she explained that there was a very large ugly bug that she had seen scamper into the dark drawer where we keep our garbage can.  She wanted me to find that “critter” and kill it.  Problem was, I couldn’t see back behind the garbage container.  So I got my cellphone, turned on the flashlight feature, shone the light in the dark corner, found the creature and killed it.  The light made dealing with the intruding bug possible!

Read a passage that dealt with that kind of issue morally and spiritually this morning during my time of “coffee with the Lord”… Luke 11:33-36 (check it out)!

In it, Jesus declares the moral and spiritual input of your life matters!  It either brings “light” within or increasing “darkness!”

We need to watch what we allow to enter by way of our ‘eyes” (or for that matter any sensory gateway to your inner self)!  When you are intaking healthy, godly, righteous things (“light”) your whole body is being filled with “light.”  The critters of the dark flee!  But when your intake is unhealthy, morally bankrupt, negative and unrighteous (i.e. “darkness”), it darkens everything within you and creates a context for what is evil and harmful!  In the words of the passage then: “See to it that the ‘light’ within you is not ‘darkness’ (i.e. that what you have allowed to enter your life is darkening you within, rather than bringing light within).

In other words, don’t allow moral and spiritual critters to enter the dark corners of your life!  Drive them out and deal with them by bringing the “light” of God’s presence and His word to bear on what is deep within.  What is needed then, is for us to have more significant time with “light” than “darkness!”

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