Just what the Divine Doctor ordered…

Call to a friendI am so impressed with the humanity of Apostle Paul as it is presented in Scripture… especially in 2 Corinthians! If you doubt me on that point read 2 Corinthians 1:3-11. It is an honest admission from the great apostle of personal, gut-wrenching trials, including deep depression (perhaps even clinical depression)! Things were so dark and dreadful at one point in his life and ministry he thought he was going to die!
This morning I read another such account in the same epistle… Here it is in his own words: “When we arrived in Macedonia, there was no rest for us! We faced conflict from every direction, with battles on the outside and fear on the inside! BUT GOD, who encourages those who are discouraged, encouraged us!” (And how did God accomplish it? With something as simple, yet significant, as the arrival of Titus – a friend… The visit of Titus brought joy, but so was the news he brought! (From 2 Corinthians 7:5-7 NLT)
Just let me say during these days of quarantine and isolation because of coronavirus/COVID-19 your visit (perhaps limited by social distancing), your phone call, your e-mail, your letter, your small gift to a struggling Christian or servant of the Lord matters! It may be just the tool God uses to encourage and bolster the spirit of a fellow Christian grappling with discouragement, depression, and despondency! Let the Spirit of God prompt you – let Him lead you – in a favorite term I use, let Him “nudge” you! And just perhaps what Apostle Paul said of Titus may be true of you… “BUT GOD, who encourages those who are discouraged, encouraged _____ with the visit of ____! His/her communication was a joy…!” It was just what the Divine Doctor – the Heavenly Therapist – ordered!
Someone needed to hear this reflection from Scripture today!!!

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