Feeling desperate… even hopeless? There’s two stories in the Bible for that!

Faith and Hope

Are you feeling desperate… even hopeless?

If so, there are two connected stories in the Bible that you need to read – that can help you! (They’re so important they’re recorded in three of the Gospels in the Bible: Matthew 9:18-28; Mark 5:21-45 and Luke 40-56)  I read Mark’s account this morning during my time of “coffee with the Lord.”

A frantic father – a religious man with a little daughter who was dear to him!  Something terrible had attacked her physically and she was dying!  Frantically he found out where Jesus was, went there, fell at his feet, and implored Jesus to come to his house, lay his hands on his daughter, and heal her.

To this dad’s relief, Jesus agreed to go!

But then, on the way, a frightening, frustrating interruption!

In the crowd that was following Jesus, there was a needy lady – a lady with a chronic bleeding condition that had persisted for twelve years.  Her condition in that that culture would have left her isolated from family and friends, avoided and ceremonially unclean.  She had tried everything – every known cure, every medical specialist to be found!  Her money was gone – her self-esteem was destroyed – she was no better, only worse… she was desperate!

She had heard about Jesus – the healer!  She pressed through the crowd, regardless of what it took, and thought, “If I can just touch Him, I believe I’ll be made well!”

She struggled – she finally got near Jesus – she reached out and just brushed His garment… hoping, believing!  And Jesus stopped short!  “Who touched me?” He said.  “I felt power leave me!”

She was instantly healed!  She acknowledged to Jesus what she had done.  Jesus stopped, affirmed he act of faith, and said, “Daughter your faith has made you well; go in peace, be healed of your disease!”

It was wonderful!  But can you imagine the feelings of the frantic father whose daughter was at the point of death… And then it happened – what the little girl’s dad feared the most occurred!  Messengers arrived, found the father, and said “Your daughter has died!  Why bother the teacher any longer!”  It was too late!  She had died – hope was gone!

But Jesus looked at the father, reassured him, and said, “Do not fear, only believe!”

Jesus went on to the house, he pressed past the mourners preparing for the little girl’s funeral, stepped into the room where the little girl was laying, and simply spoke to her… “Talitha cumi” (Aramiac for “Little girl, I say to you arise!”)  And immediately she got up, began walking, and went to her amazed parents!  Hope restored!

Listen… When things are desperate – even hopeless – when Jesus is involved there is hope –  there is help!  Reach out and touch Him in faith!  Listen to His word (not your fears)!  He can and will help you!  He will restore your hope! He is still the God of miracles!  Perhaps you needed to hear that today!

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