Learning “Ministry” from two miracles of Divine provision…

Feeding a multitude

I just finished reading the account of two similar miracles of Jesus in Matthew: Incredible miracles of provision…

Matthew 14:13-21 (5 loaves and 2 fish fed 5,000 men + women and children with 12 baskets of leftovers) [Mark 6:32-44; Luke 9:10-17 and John 6:1-13 are the account in other gospel records)

And Matthew 15:32-39 (7 loaves and a few small fish fed 4,000 men + women and children with 7 large baskets of leftovers) [Mark 8:1-10 is a parallel account of the miracle]

You should read them for yourself! Here are some lessons about “ministry” I learned from the accounts…

1. Mercy/compassion motivated ministry for Jesus! (It should motivate our ministry as well)

2. When faced with overwhelming need, organize to meet the need as the Lord directs! (Organizing to meet needs with meager resources expresses faith and obedience – God honors those qualities!)

3. Jesus takes whatever is available to meet needs! (Jesus expects us to use the resources that are available to meet needs in ministry)

4. Jesus took what seemed insignificant and met the needs of a multitude! (“Little is much when God is in it! Never belittle or underestimate what God can do with meager resources!)

5. A incredible miracle of provision occurred when He blessed the loaves and fish! (His blessing of what we offer Him makes all the difference in the world – what He blesses becomes miraculously adequate!)

6. The job of Jesus’ disciples was to distribute what He broke and blessed! (We have a “hands on” responsibility to serve the needs of others with what He provides “in His name!”

7. We not only are stewards of immediate resources – He expects us to preserve and steward what is left over – what remains. (Stewardship of His blessing and provision is an ongoing responsibility!)

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