“And the award goes to…”

The award goes to

Forgive me, but when I read Matthew 11:25-27 in the Bible during my time of “coffee with the Lord” today, a scene popped into my mind…

I saw what looked like a “game show” setting with a number of contestants all vying for “Divine Revelation” – the revelation of God himself within their lives…

There were the wise, the highly educated, the rich, the famous, the influential, the proud and the self-sufficient… all expecting to gain “the revelation of God!” (Most of them felt deserving and adequate to receive “the secret of the ages” – a personal revelation of God Himself)!

And Jesus Christ, the host in this competitive setting, declared with deliberate and cosmic authority (in fact I almost heard an introductory drumroll and a heavenly trumpet fanfare)… “And the “Revelation” goes to… (and here are the verses from Scripture that provoked this scene in my mind)…

“O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, thank you for hiding these things from those who think themselves wise and clever, and for revealing them to the childlike. Yes, Father, it pleased you to do it this way! My Father has entrusted everything to me. No one truly knows the Son except the Father, and no one truly knows the Father except the Son and those to whom the Son chooses to reveal him.” (Matthew 11:25-27 NLT)

Just let that sink in a bit… The “cosmic secret of the universe” – a “revelation” of the Living God – isn’t given to those who feel deserving – the proud, self-sufficient, influential, wealthy, or possessing only human wisdom! It is given to the humble, the believing, the simple, even those who are childlike in faith!

Quite a powerful picture this morning Lord! Quite a powerful picture!

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