My Personal Reflections on Genesis 1-2

The world - the universeI opened the New Year, 2020, reading Genesis 1-2 in the Bible again! Here are my personal reflections on those wonderful chapters (along with some additional reflective input from my dear son-in-law, Dr. Timothy Dresselhaus)…

My Personal Reflections on Genesis 1 & 2

The world – the universe – as we know it is not infinitely old…

• Out of nothing… everything!

• Out of eternity… time!

• Out of chaos… order!

• Out of darkness… light!

• Out of the invisible… the visible!

• Out of void… matter!

• Out of God, Himself… life!

• Out of dust… humanity!

• Out of solitude… relationship!

How did God do it? His powerful, creative, authoritative word!

“In the beginning… God!!!

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