My tribute to a wonderful wife!

Sharon 2Thanksgiving is approaching… And I’m thankful for a wonderful godly wife, Sharon Martha Barnett Bartel! (We’ve been married 52+ years!) Last anniversary [May 12] I signed up for 52 more!!!)

Yesterday, this was a part of my Bible reading during “coffee with the Lord” (my devotional time) – Proverbs 31:10-31!!! And I just couldn’t pass up giving this tribute to a wonderful wife (and I know there are a lot of husbands who feel just as I do – at least there should be!).

Here’s my tribute to my wife drawn from that passage… (I could have posted the whole passage – its true of her in every way!)

“Who can find a virtuous and capable wife? She is more precious than rubies. Her husband can trust her, and she will greatly enrich his life! She brings him good, not harm, all the days of her life… She is energetic and strong, a hard worker… She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness. She carefully watches everything in her household and nothing suffers from laziness. Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her: He declares, ‘There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!!!’” (From Proverbs 31:10–31 NLT)

Yesterday, after reading Proverbs 31, I jotted this in the margin of my Bible… “Sharon, you are the treasure that God brought into my life!” I showed her what I had written, squeezed her hand, kissed her and left her side choked up with deep emotion and gratitude to God for the rich blessing she is to me… My wife, God’s treasure! Just thankful! Very thankful!!

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