How Big is God?

How Big is GodGood question eh? And the answers to that question vary depending on the presuppositions of the people answering the question… All the way from outright denial of God’s existence to unlimited power and greatness (universal power and control over all that exists – He created and sustains ALL things – microscopic to macroscopic).

Well this morning in my time of Bible reading during “coffee with the Lord” I read these words from an otherwise unknown writer in Proverbs, Agur: “Who but God goes up to heaven and comes back down? Who holds the wind in His fists? Who wraps up the oceans in His cloak? Who has created the whole wide world?! What is His name – and His Son’s name? Tell me if you know!” (Proverbs 30:4 NLT)

As I pondered those words, the lyrics of a wonderful old Gospel song, written by Stuart Hamblen came to mind… found myself humming the tune and relishing the words most of the morning. Here they are…

“Though man may strive to go beyond the reach of space
To crawl beyond the distant shimmering stars
This world’s a room so small within my Master’s house
The open sky’s but a portion of His yard

“How big is God? How big and wide His vast domain
To try and tell, these lips can only start
He’s big enough to rule His mighty universe
Yet small enough to live within my heart

“As winter’s chill may cause the tiny seed to fall
To lie asleep till waked by summer’s rain
The heart grown cold will warm and throb with life anew
The Master’s touch will bring the glow again”
–Stuart Hamblen

And to that I say a hearty “AMEN!” That’s what I believe about how big (and small) the God I love and serve is!

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