Do you dislike, and resist the word “Don’t”? Check this out…

A rebellious childRemember that word… “Don’t!”? Perhaps you have been one of those who chafed under that word and resisted it whenever it was used. Well this morning during my time of “coffee with the Lord” I read “4 Godly Don’ts in Proverbs… (Proverbs 24:15-22 Give it a read… Good advice!!!)

DON’T take advantage of the misfortune or reverses of the godly! They will recover – they always do (God sees to it!)

DON’T rejoice when your enemies stumble and fall! It displeases the Lord (and the Lord may just turn His anger from them to…???)

DON’T fret because of evildoers or envy the wicked! Remember, they have no future!

DON’T hang around with rebels – those who push the boundaries on what is appropriate and love violating the rules. It will catch up with them – disaster will come their way – they’ll either be punished by God or those in authority will meet out the punishment!

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