7 Personal Core Convictions…

core convictionsThe past several days I’ve been reflecting on my personal core commitments (and convictions) as a Christian… Here they are…

  1. The authority and accuracy of the Bible – the Holy Scriptures. My all sufficient guide for faith and daily living.
  2. The pervasive and destructive impact of sin upon creation, culture and humanity.
  3. The redemptive and restorative power of the gospel.
  4. The centrality of Jesus Christ to God’s redemptive plan.
  5. The essential power of the Holy Spirit.
  6. The one true God – holy, loving, sovereign, eternal, our creator and Heavenly Father.
  7. The Church – the corporate expression of “the body of Christ” in our world and local communities.

They’re not perfect I am sure, and are not comprehensive of all I believe, but they are core convictions that I hold dear as a Christian.  I hope you share them with me… They guide my life and are the basis for my faith and hope.

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