Don’t fear… only believe!


The frightening news may have come from the doctor… “There is nothing more we can do.”

The finality of the death of a treasured loved one may have left you feeling stunned and helpless – like you simply can’t go on!

This morning during my time of “coffee with the Lord” I read two closely related stories about Jesus and jotted these two comments in my Bible… I know I wrote them there for me!  And it’s entirely possible I was led to write them down for you as well! Here they are…

With Jesus, your situation is NOT hopeless!

When Jesus is involved, death is NOT the final word … “Only believe!”

The stories are found in Luke 8:40-56 … You should read them both.

The first involves a woman with a chronic hemorrhage for 12 long years… One physician and treatment after another… money gone… and then the terrifying words, “there is nothing more we can do!”  Hearing about the power of Jesus she struggled through a huge crowd, and in self-conscious, but hopeful faith, reached out to just touch the edge of his garment… instant miraculous healing! Jesus stopped dead in his tracks and said, “Someone touched me!  Power has gone forth from me!” Trembling, she admitted what she had done. Jesus declared to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well! Go in peace!”

The second story involves an interruption… A religious leader had begged Jesus to come to his house and heal his 12 year old daughter who was dying… [on the way the interruption of the woman Jesus stopped and healed] … Hope evaporated… friends from the leader’s house came with the news… “Don’t trouble the Teacher any longer… Your daughter has died!”  But Jesus told the grieving father, “Do not fear; only believe!” Jesus, the “resurrection and the life” brought life out of death! With Jesus, death is not the final word!

Perhaps you’re someone who needed the encouragement, faith, and hope those stories bring today.  Why not let Jesus, from those stories, speak His word of encouragement, faith and hope to your situation today.

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