I want my life to matter MORE than just a nameless statue or memorial somewhere!

Memorial statue 2Today we visited a beautiful park in Springfield, Missouri – the Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park… It’s filled with walking trails, beautiful trees, wonderful gardens, displays, a lake and plenty of benches – there are also places to sit, rest, engage in conversation with friends, to read and reflect. There are also several nameless memorial statues and bronze figureheads in the park.

I’m sure there are many people over the years who have frequented the park for all those reasons – some of them very important people. Some of them even posed for the statues that are to be found in the park (see the attached picture)…

As I walked there today a thought – no more than that, a personal warning crossed my mind. Here it is: I want my life to be more than just a memorial – a figurehead – of significance and godly living.

Likely the lady depicted by the stature, was as she is shown – an avid reader and a thoughtful person. Perhaps she was a godly individual, active in her church and community. She may have been a Sunday school teacher or perhaps was very involved in the ladies group there. She may have been a wonderful mother and faithful wife. Those who knew her were blessed by her life and honored her memory… now she is just a memorial – a figurehead – a statue of a woman sitting on a bench reading a book.

I want my life to matter! I want to be involved in doing the Lord’s work, serving others, loving sincerely, and living a godly, exemplary life. I don’t want that kind of lifestyle to simply be something that I once was involved in – a mere memory. I want to be involved in serving the Lord and making a difference in the lives of other to the very end. I fear simply becoming what I saw in the park today. Even after I’m gone I long for my life to be a catalyst of service, of commitment, of faithfulness, of righteousness, of love and of significant living. I want my life to matter for both time AND eternity! How about you?

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