“Nothing is too hard for the Lord!”

I have some friends facing desperate situations with important needs that may have fallen into a trap… They think that there are other people with needs much more desperate than theirs so they won’t trouble the Lord with theirs. Or they think their need is so great – so beyond help – that they’ll just not bother the Lord and live with it… They’ve lost hope.

There’s an account – no, really two accounts – in the Bible that addresses both issues…

First of all, the account of the little lady who had a chronic hemorrhage for twelve long years, had visited a host of physicians, had suffered much from ancient medical methods, and was not better – in fact, worse! The crowd of needy people around Jesus, clamoring for His attention was enormous! She felt like she didn’t have a chance to get His attention and help, but thought, “maybe if I can just touch the edge of His garment…” She didn’t really expect, or want, to stop the Lord and trouble Him with her problem! He was so busy with the big crowd! But Jesus did notice her effort! He felt the impact of her touch of faith! And she was instantly healed!

Then there was the “ruler of the synagogue,” – Jairus. He was desperate! He fell before Jesus, “and implored him, ‘My little daughter is at the point of death! Come and lay your hands on her so that she may be made well and live!” Jesus went with him, but on the way the interruption of the woman with the hemorrhage, and then the death of his daughter! His friends came from his house and reported, “Your daughter is dead, why trouble the teacher any further,” – and the implied message… “Let’s just go ahead and plan the funeral, now she’s dead!” But not Jesus! His message? “Do not fear! Only believe!” Jesus went on to Jairus’ house and the atmosphere of hopelessness got worse… Jesus said to the mourners, “Why are you making a commotion and weeping? The child is not dead but sleeping!” Their response? They laughed at him! But Jesus went in to where the little girl’s lifeless body was laying, took her by the hand and said, “Talitha cumi” (“Little girl, I say to you arise!”) And life came back into her little body, she got up, and they gave her something to eat!” The situation wasn’t hopeless – Jesus, “the resurrection and the life,” had time for a little girl!

Listen, someone today needs to hear this… “Nothing is too hard for the Lord! He has time for you! He’ll respond as your reach out to Him! He’ll honor your faith! And even if the situation seems completely hopeless and you fear you’ll “just have to live with it!” – Hear His words to a grieving dad, “Do not fear, only believe!”

Oh, you want to know where the passage is in your Bible? Read it for yourself! Mark 5:21-43 I read it just yesterday during “coffee with the Lord” and I thought of YOU!

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