What does a REAL Christian look like? (Romans 12:9-21)


Romans 12 is one of the most wonderful and important chapters in all the Bible!  It begins by emphasizing the secret of a transformed life (vss. 1-2), then it transitions to a biblical description of what constitutes a health self-concept for a Christian (vss. 3-8), and finally it closes by presenting a wonderful picture of what an authentic Christian ought to look like in daily life (vss. 9-21).  Hey take it from me, if you haven’t taken time to read and reflect deeply on its message, do it… DO IT NOW!  In fact, I’d recommend you make it a Bible memory project… You’ll be glad you did!

I mean, can you imagine someone who lives like Romans 12:9-21 describes?  What an impact they would have on their world!  What a positive influence they would be in their community!  How unbelievers would be drawn to their Spiritual magnetism!  What a healthy, healing impact they would have within any local church (pastor’s would love ‘em!)!

Here’s a bulleted list of some of the things I saw there (some paraphrased by me)…

  • Authentic, Christlike love – the real thing!
  • An aversion for anything evil!
  • A clinging to whatever is good and wholesome!
  • Deep love and affection for fellow Christians (even those that do not share the same label)!
  • People who love showing respect and honor to others!
  • Never lazy… instead characterized by zeal for serving the Lord!
  • Lives filled with hope – rejoicing in God’s promises and the bright future ahead for Christians!
  • When things are tough… patient though their trials!
  • People whose lives are filled with prayer – sustained prayer!
  • Generous – they love to help other who are in need!
  • Hospitable!
  • When persecuted by others – they bless their persecuters instead!
  • They rejoice when others rejoice!
  • They share the sorrow of those who are in grief!
  • They have wonderful people skills – they live in harmony with fellow Christians (and their neighbors)!
  • They are never haughty and associate with common folk!
  • They never act like “know-it-alls” or “smarty pants”!
  • Retaliation is not the way they respond to wrongs! They NEVER try to get even – instead they respond with goodness, kindness and forgiveness!
  • They are completely motivated by what is honorable!
  • In any church, organization, or community, depend on it – they can be depended upon to be “peacemaker”!
  • In fact, bottom line? They conquer the rampant evil around them with overwhelming goodness!

I’ll tell you… This is what I wrote in the margin of my Bible this morning… “Oh Lord, give me the grace to live this way!!!  I believe that is how God wants authentic Christians to act!!!

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