My Personal Manifesto – with God’s help… 2018 and 2019

my personal manifestoA year ago I posted this “Personal Manifesto” – Today I want to reaffirm it!

I am disappointed…disgusted…but not in despair! I read, listen and watch the news and want to vomit! Leaders nationally (both parties) have created a polarized, poisonous atmosphere in this nation of ours. Moral values have evaporated and decayed within the social fabric of our country. Perversion and exploitation are rampant! Insane, destructive decisions are made at both a national, state, and local level. The courts are corrupted. What to do? Despair? NO!!! With God’s help I intend to be “salt and light” within our culture – a positive, Christ-like influence within my community and nation! I intend to share the life-transforming, culture transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ within the contexts He has given me! And I can pray fervently for a spiritual and moral revival in this nation of ours and our world (AND I WILL!)… until Jesus returns! My personal manifesto!!!

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