What is your favorite meal of the day – the meal you would just not do without?

Breakfast lunch dinnerMost people have a meal that they just would not do without… For me, it’s breakfast. And there are breakfasts… and then there are BREAKFASTS!! I’m an ol’ farm boy and I can tell you what I consider to be BREAKFAST! … A couple of eggs, some raisin toast, sausage and hash browns – or perhaps some good “scratch” biscuits and sausage gravy… But as an ordinary daily breakfast I’ll take a half a bagel, a little yogurt, and some juice. And of course, for all breakfasts, a cup of good coffee! I look forward to starting my day with breakfast!
But I’m with Job on the subject of spiritual “necessary food!” Here’s what he said… “I have esteemed the words of Your mouth more than my necessary food!” (Job 23:12)
Job probably never had a written Bible – only the recollection of God’s precious direct communication with him – that was his “necessary food.” On the other hand, I look forward to time spent with the Lord daily in His word, the Bible, along with reflection, prayer, and worship… and a good cup of coffee. That’s my “necessary food!” I do it early in the morning and I call it “coffee with the Lord!” For me it’s the spiritual equivalent of a good breakfast! If for some reason that special time with the Lord is interrupted, preempted, or neglected, something really important is missing in my day!
So today… the last day of the year, December 31, 2018, I’m up early having my “necessary food” – time spent in worship, prayer, Bible reading, reflection and journaling. I’ll finish reading the Bible through one more time (I’ve done it every year since I was 18 – now I’m 71)… Hey, His word, the Bible, is my spiritual “necessary food!”
I don’t know when you’re favorite time will be to do it – for me it’s early in the morning – but my recommendation is, for the good of your spiritual health in the upcoming year, establish a time you dedicate to God, His word, worship, prayer and reflection, and prioritize it daily… You won’t regret it!!!

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