Do you think they said, “Isn’t OUR son beautiful?” I don’t think so…

The NativityI know it’s my Christmas cover photo… but it’s been a great thought provoker for me this Christmas… Can you imagine either Joseph or Mary saying, “Isn’t OUR son beautiful?!” That would not have happened I believe – they knew better! There was a deep sense that the baby they held was not “THEIRS” – He was “GOD’S SON“! (Read Luke 1:26-35 and Matthew 1:18-25 if you doubt it!) He was not “THEIR son” – He was “GOD’S SON,” – “Jesus, for He will save his people from their sins!” I can only imagine the conversation Mary and Joseph had with the shepherds if their was any doubt about who the babe in the manger was…(read Luke 2:8-20)! He was not THEIR baby – He was GOD’S SON!!! And if you are Mary and Joseph that makes a difference in how you parent Him, don’t you think?

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