An encouraging word… Put God first and blessings will follow!

Matthew 6[33Let me give an encouraging word of assurance to someone today…

After experiencing the consequences of rebellion… after reaping the painful results of sin… the opportunity exists for restoration and blessing if there is genuine repentance!

I challenge you to read the prophetic word of Haggai in your Bible today (two chapters)! Here is my brief summary of it – my personal paraphrase of Haggai’s God-inspired message to the exiles who had returned to Jerusalem after 70 long years in Babylon as a consequence of their sinful ways… (Check it out – see if you think I’m right)…

The prophet’s message? Put God first and blessings will follow! Obedience will lead to overflow! Frustration will lead to fulfillment! Poverty will be overcome by plenty!

Hey, there’s hope! God will bless those who turn from their sin and selfish neglect and do His will!

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