It’s the day after “Trick or Treating” – and you may have observed it… It’s possible to get too much sweet!

I don’t know if you’ve experienced it or not… I have! A little sweet is delicious… but eating too much can make you feel sick! I know of individuals who simply love chocolate, but who have eaten too much and gorged themselves with it. If you offered them another piece after eating too much, they’d wrinkle up their face and refuse you.

That’s why the Bible says this…

“It is not good to each too much honey, nor is it glorious to seek one’s own glory.” (Proverbs 25:27)

You’ve seen it happen… Talented people, capable people, people with great skill and ability – who seem to insatiably crave complements, affirmation and approval. People recognize their abilities and give them plenty of complements and affirmation. But they want more! There is a defect in their personality that simply craves more attention, affirmation and continual praise. They are not simply satisfied with “their fair share” of complements and praise – they seek more! In the words of this proverb, “they seek their own glory!” Frankly, it’s sickening… sickening to those around them; and honestly, I think, eventually sickening to them (and it ceases to satisfy)!

Hey, there is only One who deserves the glory! We should seek to honor Him – God! He is worthy of all praise! He is the one who gives gifts, abilities, and skill! When He is honored, we’ll receive all the affirmation we need! We won’t have to make fools of ourselves “fishing for complements!” We’ll receive all the appreciation and glory that’s appropriate! And it won’t turn other people off and leave us with an empty feeling inside! God will be glorified; and we’ll be healthy, well-adjusted, and God-honoring examples of humanity!

Listen, I want to exhibit excellence in all I do! And if any compliments come my way, I want my finger pointed upward in praise! I think I’ll be a happier human being! Like the proverb says, too much “sweet” can get to you after awhile!

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