Honoring the “pastors” I’ve had…

Hebrews 13[7I read it this morning in the Bible (and intend to obey what it urges us to do)!
“Remember your leaders – those who spoke the Word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life, and imitate their faith. Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever!” (Hebrews 13:7-8)
So here goes…
Pastor Westley Fine – my pastor as a very small boy growing up in Western Montana
Pastor Leon Mitchell – the pastor I remember most as a young boy. Saved and filled with the Spirit under his ministry.
Pastor Ken Peterson – my pastor in my teen years. Challenged me to live godly.
Pastor D. W. Wartenbee – my pastor when I attended Hub City Bible Institute, Aberdeen, SD.
Pastor Leo Miller – my pastor when I attended Trinity Bible Institute in Jamestown, ND.
Pastor Phillip Wannenmacher – who more than any other person I know personified what a pastor should be.
Pastor Rennie Baker – a wonderful, kind spiritual leader in Waxahachie, Texas
Pastor Earl Teeter – a pastor who personified confidence in others and was completely without guile.
Pastor Robert Strand – a gifted preacher and writer – a kind and gracious man
Pastor John Lindell – One of the finest expositors of Scripture I know
Jim and Becky Hennesy – our present pastors. Incredibly gifted leaders who deeply love their community, embrace the cultural diversity that ought to characterize the church, seek the Holy Spirit’s rightful role in the Church, and never fail to challenge their congregation to live by sound Biblical principles.
I honor each of these Spiritual leaders (and their spouses) who have made such an important contribution to the success of my spiritual journey! Admittedly, each one of them were human, with the strengths and weaknesses that come with that humanity. But they were redeemed humanity that God called, gifted, and used make an invaluable contribution to my life personally, and that of our family. I honor them!
But there is One that stands head and shoulders above them all… The One who has made the greatest contribution to my life as a spiritual leader… My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ… “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever!” I honor Him above them all!

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