Most people have things they’ve got safely locked away deep within… God’s got the key – He knows the combination.

Personal vault safe 2Personal security devices are a big deal… sometimes we call them safes, lock-boxes, or vaults. They’re secured by a key, or better yet a secret combination (or both). People put a variety of valuables in them – things they do not want the general public to have access to – personal and private things.

My experience has been that people have the same kind of thing deep within themselves – places locked away within their personality where they put thoughts, memories, experiences, and actions that they do not want exposed. Only they have the key or combination to those vaults. They may not have allowed anyone – even their spouse or closest friend – access to what is in that private space. They may think that even God doesn’t know what is there. The level of security to that inner vault is very high… it probably is protected by personal security at multiple levels. It is information so sensitive that sometimes it is suppressed and can only be brought to light with certain triggering events or experiences.

Probably you have some items like that in such a personal vault! I know I do. Personal painful things you’ve kept private and have shared with no one else. You may have a friend or family member you’ve tried to help experience God’s help and forgiveness and every time you try to help them, you just hit a wall. By their actions and words they communicate, “Don’t ask any more questions, don’t push me any further, this conversation about things in my life is over!” You’re frustrated… you don’t know what to do… how can you help them?

Listen, God’s got a key to those secret places – He knows the combination to our hearts with its hidden things! He knows it all… He knows what is buried deep within and He has access to it – ours… our children’s… the members of our family… our friends! Here’s what I read today in the Bible during my time of “coffee with the Lord” in Proverbs 20:27 (two different versions)…

“The spirit of man is the lamp of the LORD, searching all his innermost parts.” (English Standard Version)

“The LORD’s light penetrates the human spirit, exposing every hidden motive.” (New Living Translation)

So don’t despair! God knows your heart and He knows mine – He knows what is hidden deep within the hearts of your children, your family members and the friends you care deeply about! The Bible says, “The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked! Who can understand it? ‘I, the Lord, search the heart!” Jeremiah 17:9-10) And in another place we assured, “He knows the secrets of the heart!” (Psalm 44:21) He got through to you and He can get through to them! He’s got the key – He knows their combination. Pray! Ask Him to do it – He will!

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