Confessions of a “Bible Underliner”

Psalm 145 UnderlinedOK, I admit it… I’m an “underliner!” When I read the Bible or a really good, thought-provoking book I can’t help myself – I reach for a pencil, pen or highlighter and begin underlining the key ideas, the though-provoking concepts, or the best the author has to say. I know there are other people just like me… we ought to start a support group. A favorite “Bartelism” of mine? “Any book worth its salt should be marked up” – Oh, and another one; “If you have a problem marking up your Bible… get over it!”

Well today it happened… I knew it would! (To be completely truthful I have to admit it’s happened a few times before today, however.) During my devotions I started reading a passage in my Bible… and underlined a few verses at the very beginning of the passage… then read a few more and they were so good I had to underline them too… read a few more and I said to myself, “how could I not underline those as well… kept reading and underlining, and by the time I had finished the passage… You guessed it – I HAD UNDERLINED THE WHOLE PASSAGE!!!

You want to know what passage don’t you? Well it was Psalm 145! In fact, by the time I finished I’d written this in the margin of my Bible: “I’m gonna worship You! Gonna praise Your Name forever! … Gonna commend Your works one generation to the next!”

Read it! I dare you!! See if your response isn’t something like mine (perhaps minus all the underlining!) 

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