Oh, for a quiet confidence in the midst of trials! How can it be possible? Psalm 138:6-8!

Quiet confidenceNever saw anything like it!  They encountered one problem after another… physical, financial, personal and of course you would expect emotional, and even spiritual.  No complaints – no whining… the two of them weathered them all with a quiet confidence!  It left me in awe!  How could they do it – what was their secret?

Have you ever observed something like that?  What is the secret?  Well today, during my time of “coffee with the Lord.” I think I got a partial answer from the Bible…

“Though the Lord is high, He regards the lowly! … Though I walk in the midst of trouble, You preserve my life! … Your right hand delivers me!  The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me!  Your steadfast love [Your “covenant keeping love” – Your “Hesed”] endures forever!  O do not forsake the work of your hands!” (From Psalm 138:6-8)

Confidence in God – “faith” if you please – makes it possible to face challenges, difficulties, pain, and reverses with a quiet confidence in the One who “will fulfill His purposes for us!”  Oh, the steadfast, covenant-keeping love of God!  May it grip my heart, control my emotions, and govern my life!  I pray it will in your life and circumstances today!

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