Psalm 128 – A song to sing (and a promise to claim) on the way to church

going to churchA song to sing on the way to church…

That’s what the “Songs of Ascents” were for ancient Israel… They were songs sung as they made their way up to the Temple to worship in Jerusalem.

During my time of “coffee with the Lord” early this “Lord’s Day” morning I read one of these songs… Psalm 128. In a few short hours Sharon and I will do what we do every Sunday morning… we will head off to worship with fellow Christians… And I’ve already got the song I’ll be singing in my heart (I might even hum a “Spirit prompted” tune as I think about the words of this “Song of Ascents” (A song to be sung on the way to church)…

It’s a promise! It’s a blessing given to those who walk in the “fear” [or reverence] of the Lord (and believe me, I intend to do just that EVERY DAY of my life!!)…

Here are the words of the song (with a few personal interpretive comments in brackets) …

“Blessed is EVERYONE who fears [or reverences] the Lord, who walk in His ways! They shall eat the fruit of the labor of their hands! They will be blessed, and it will be well with them! Their wife [their spouse] will be like a fruitful vine within their house; their children will be like olive shoots around their table! [In other words their family will live under the favor and blessing of the Lord!] Behold, thus shall the person be blessed who fears [or reverences] the Lord!” (Adapted from Psalm 128 – A Song of Ascents)

Yup, I’m going to sing it in my heart to the Lord on the way to church today… I’ll be renewing my commitment to “walk in the fear of the Lord” and claiming the promises of Psalm 128 as well! How about you?

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