Coming for 2019: A Bible reading plan that features 365 of the best-known, key passages of the Bible

Coffee with the Lord

Some of you will recall I led a Bible study a couple of years ago entitled “Route 66: Exploring the Books of the Bible” (Trinity Church, Cedar Hill, TX) In the study – in addition to a brief overview of each book, its structure, characteristics, and key themes – I identified some of the well-known, key passages of each book of the Bible.

The denomination I am a part of, the Assemblies of God, is emphasizing “Biblical Literacy” – stressing the fact that every Christian needs to have a “working knowledge” of the Bible. This comes, in part at least, by getting Christians to read the Bible regularly.

This post is just an early announcement for those who are interested… In addition to “Necessary Food” (the Bible reading plan I developed several years ago in which you read the Bible through) I intend to develop Bible reading plan based upon the key passages I identified as a result of doing the “Route 66” study. This plan will identify 365 of the key, best known, passages in the Bible. I hope to have it finished, edited, and proof-read and ready for distribution at some level for 2019. Stay tuned. I think you’ll like it!

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