10 Really big things to me as a follower of Christ… as of this morning!

Christ follower
I was spending some time this morning reflecting during my 2nd cup of coffee during “coffee with the Lord” and came up with this “beta list” of important things to me as a Christ follower (a “Christian”) (NOTE: I don’t claim it is exhaustive… just representative of things I value as I follow Christ… as of this morning!)
The dependable love (“steadfast love” – ”Hesed”) of God
Salvation through “Christ alone, faith alone, and grace alone”
The empowering and character producing power of the Holy Spirit
Faith as complete confidence in God’s character and promises
The inspiration and authority of the Bible
My relationship (“fellowship”) with fellow Christians
The “Church” – called to re-present Christ without distortion in the power of the Holy Spirit
The Christian life as a daily “walk” (not a sprint)
Miracles as daily possibilities
Christian service as a “stewardship” of God’s gifts

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