God calling you? How are you going to respond?

God calling 3Just a pimple-faced, gangly farm boy from the little Western Montana town of Ronan… 10 years old, attending a “Kid’s Kamp” at a place called “Hungry Horse.”  Sleeping on a camp cot in one of the buildings with other kids.  Attended an evening service designed to challenge kids like me to follow Jesus.  The lady “evangelist” spoke the evening that it happened… God spoke to my 10-year-old heart… I responded to the appeal and went back into the prayer room… The only way I know how to explain it is, God said, “I want you!  I want you to serve me and teach people everywhere what my Word says!  LeRoy, will you do it?”  I couldn’t believe He was asking me!  I told Him I was a farm kid from a little town.  I told Him I wasn’t popular or the smartest one in my class.  He said He didn’t care!  It was clear He wanted me!  I finally said “Yes!  I’ll do it for You!”  And the rest is history!  Sixty years later and still doing it… Pastored some wonderful churches, taught Bible, theology and ministry courses for 32 years at Southwestern Assemblies of God University, served my denomination (the Assemblies of God) as National Christian Education Director and Commissioner on Discipleship, and I’ve had the privilege of teaching God’s Word all over the world!  Couldn’t have done it without a clear call and God’s enablement!

Thought about all of that this morning as I read about Jeremiah’s call during my time of “coffee with the Lord”…  Here’s Jeremiah’s testimony…

“Now the word of the Lord came to me saying, ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you!  Before you were born I consecrated you!  I appointed you a prophet to the nations.’  Then I said, ‘Ah, Lord God!  Behold I do not know how to speak, for I am only a youth!’  But the Lord said, ‘Do not say, I am only a youth!  For to all to whom I send you, you shall go, and whatever I command you, you shall speak.  Do not be afraid… I am with you declares the Lord!’  Then the Lord put out His hand and touched my mouth.  And the Lord said to me, ‘Behold I have put my words is your mouth!  See, I have set you this day over nations and over kingdoms… I am watching over my word to perform it!’”  (From Jeremiah 1:4-12)

I am so honored to have heard His call!  Sure am glad I said “Yes!”  What a journey for a 10 year old farm kid from Western Montana!  Incidentally, what has the Lord called you to do?  I don’t know if you’re struggling with His call … Or maybe you’ve been running from His call … If you are, let me be one voice to encourage you to say “Yes!” to His call!  Let me tell you, being a Jeremiah is a whole lot better than being a Jonah!

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