“The Lord is my Shepherd” – How good is that!?

“The Lord is my shepherd!” – What a wonderful, comforting affirmation and declaration! I’ve been relishing it – tasting every delicious significance of it that I can, rolling it over and over on my spiritual palate – ever since I read it this morning during my time of “coffee with the Lord.” (Psalm 23)

He is MY shepherd personally, but He also shepherds a flock for which He cares deeply… but He knows each one of those He shepherds by name (and they respond to His voice when He calls their name – check out John 10:1-16). He’s the “good shepherd” and He lays down His life for His sheep (also declared by Jesus in John 10)! In fact, if I have the Lord as my Shepherd (and I do) “I shall not want” – in other words I have everything I need! … And then Psalm 23 gets specific about what that involves…

He provides all the nourishment I need – I “lie down in green pastures!”

He leads me to the refreshment my soul craves – “beside still waters”

He “restores my soul” – when I am spent and ready to give up!

He leads and guides me in the “right paths” that He wants me to take

He comforts and reassures me when I’m afraid – when I face frightening “valleys as dark as death!”

Even when surrounded by enemies and adversaries He provides and protects me – He “prepares a table for me in the presence of my enemies!”

When wounded, He cares for my pain and hurts – He “anoints my head with oil”

Everything I need! – everything I could want! – everything my soul craves for! … “My cup overflows! Goodness and mercy follow me every day (every step) of my life” with the Lord as my Shepherd!

Oh, and when this life is over? “I will dwell in the house of the Lord FOREVER!” (Read Revelation 21-22 it will blow you mind! John 14:1-6a is awesome too… This is what our “Good Shepherd declared: “I am the way, and the truth and the life!”

I gotta tell you… I’m following Him! “The Lord is my Shepherd!”



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