It doesn’t matter what happens… I want to live with godly resolve!

Living with Resolve.jpgI’m so impressed with the level of commitment and resolve of Job in the Bible… after the tragic loss of his children, the destruction of all his possessions, physical pain and suffering… even the unjust accusations of his “friends” who believed there must be some sin or failure that brought about what Job was experiencing… here is what Job declared…

“Yet the righteous holds to his way, and he who has clean hands grows stronger and stronger!” (Job 17:9)

Let me paraphrase that for you… “It doesn’t matter what happens to me, or what you say! I’m going to go on serving and trusting God and I believe He’ll strengthen me to withstand whatever may come my way!”

I want to have faith and commitment like that! I want to exhibit that kind of resolve! I believe… no, I KNOW that God honors it! I’ve read the rest of the book of Job and I’ve seen it work in the lives of godly people I highly respect!

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