Now is the time to decide to read the Bible through this year… and have your own time of “Coffee with the Lord!”

Coffee with the LordNew Years is just around the corner! Now’s the time to make plans to read the Bible through in the coming year.

Since my teen years I have read the Bible through each year (I’m now 70 years old). What a blessing it has been to my life. One year, however, when reading the Bible through I discovered the practice had become humdrum to me. In prayer one morning I complained to God about it, and heard Him say in my heart: “Son, what do you enjoy?” I answered, “I enjoy a good cup of coffee with a friend!” He answered, “Then why don’t you join me every day for coffee?” Seriously… that is what happened!

Thus was born my daily practice (usually very early in the morning) of “coffee with the Lord.” I get up early, make myself a good cup of coffee (NW style – dark, rich, and mellow), take my Bible, find a comfortable chair, and have an ongoing conversation with the Lord – He speaks to me through His word and I visit with Him in prayer, praise and worship. It started at about 30 minutes to begin with and has grown into about an hour and a half of fellowship with Him. Best 1 ½ hours of my day! My almost daily posts in “coffee with the Lord” flow out of my daily times with Him.

A number of years ago, I developed a Bible reading plan that I titled “Necessary Food” based upon Job’s testimony in the Old Testament about his time spent with the Lord. He said, “I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food!” (Job 23:12 NASB) Using the “Necessary Food” reading plan you read a passage from each of the major parts of the Bible daily: Old Testament historical books, Biblical poetry, the Old Testament prophetic books (and Revelation), the New Testament narratives (the Gospels and Acts), and the epistles. Follow the plan and you finish the Bible in a year! The plan is designed to provide kind of the MDR (minimum daily requirements) of Spiritual nutrition – the “Necessary Food” for your Spiritual well-being.

I recommend it! Of course I’ve personally used it for nearly 20 years. Each year I offer a pdf copy of the plan to anyone who desires it. If you’d like a copy for your daily Bible reading – your Spiritual “Necessary Food” simply message me on Facebook (giving me your e-mail address) or send me an e-mail at or and I’ll send you a free pdf copy.

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