When wisdom is needed… God’s wisdom… Ask for it, and He’ll give it!! That’s a promise!!

Asking for Wisdom

Trials, difficulties, and the challenges we face can leave us confused, perplexed and scrambling for reliable guidance and answers! But if you’re trusting the Lord, the Bible teaches that God has everything under control! He’s not confused! He’s not caught up short! His purposes for you in it all are good! As a result, when things like that come our way, we can rejoice in the midst of it all! (Check out James 1:3-4)

In fact, this morning my Bible reading in the passage that follows verses 3-4… James1:5-8…. went one step further! … Here’s “Bartel’s paraphrase” of it…

“Going through a trial… lots of ‘em? Are you facing incredible difficulties that have left you confused and uncertain, not knowing what to do or how to respond? Do you just need some “good ol’ God-wisdom?” Ask the Lord! He’ll give it to you! He’ll welcome your request! He won’t scold you or look down on you for asking, either!

“He doesn’t say how He’ll provide the wisdom you need: It could be a reminder about Scriptural principles that apply, the counsel of a godly friend, the way circumstances work out under His control, a “prophetic word” prompted by the Holy Spirit, even a vision or dream or some other way… His possibilities are unlimited! But God’s word just says He will provide it!

“But be sure you ask in faith – ask believing! If you don’t you’ll be like a restless sea (or a West Texas wind)! Every decision you make will be uncertain as you waver and fluctuate between this decision and then that one! You’ve got to trust in the Lord to lead you and provide the wisdom you need! Listen, you can depend on Him to do it! “

(A personal paraphrase of James 1:5-8)

Hope that helps someone facing the need for “God-given wisdom” today! Hint… I’ve got a few issues I’m facing where I need it!

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