Comments on “Coffee with Lord” on International Coffee Day ;-)

Coffee with the LordToday is International Coffee Day… So I guess it’s appropriate for the guy who champion’s “Coffee with the Lord” to say something about it, eh?
I enjoy a good cup of coffee as much as anyone! In enjoy mine Northwest style… Strong, dark, black and mellow! I even have a partnership with Eurasia Coffee and Tea, a faith-based coffee company ( to make their Signature Bold coffee under the name “Coffee with the Lord Blend.” Proceeds from the sale of that coffee help fund a ministry training school in Bihar, India. When I’m out in ministry (speaking at seminars, conferences, etc) I also offer “Coffee with the Lord” mugs that also help fund the school in Bihar. Coffee is BIG with me!
But let me be clear… The purpose of “Coffee with the Lord” is not coffee! Morning coffee simply describes a special time – an opportunity, if you please – for me to meet with God around His word, the Bible. Early in my life (actually as a teenager in high school) I began the daily practice of meeting with the Lord early in the day around a good cup of coffee… A time in God’s presence in worship, prayer, Bible reading, reflection and journaling. And He’s never failed to meet with me in those times.
Inevitably someone asks me (with a grin on their face) “What brand of coffee does the Lord like Bartel? How does He like his coffee?” And my answer? “I’ve never actually seen Him drink any… But He always meets with me for ‘coffee with the Lord’ regardless!”
So on this International Coffee Day, 2017 I enjoyed “Coffee with the Lord” one more time! The coffee was great… “Coffee with the Lord Blend!” But the Lord’s presence, I have to tell you, was even better than the coffee (and I like coffee)!

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