I’ve experienced the truth of Psalm 91… You should give it a read!

Psalm 91[11

Dear Facebook friends…
Just a brief note to explain why I have not posted recently in “Coffee with the Lord”:

As many of you are aware my wife, Sharon Barnett Bartel, and I have had a significant challenge we’ve been facing the past week. Traveling home from a vacation time in Montana we had a serious car accident. On a two-lane road south of Limon, CO, near Hugo, CO, a car drifted into the lane where we were traveling; first it hit a Target Store Semi-truck, and then, struggling with control of his vehicle, came directly at us! I applied my brakes and tried to steer toward the shoulder of the road, but he hit me anyway… He grazed the door on the drivers side, took out my rear corner panel and completely destroyed my rear axle. The impact caused our car, a Honda CRV, to then roll 2-3 times and totaled our vehicle. Thanks to our seatbelts and airbags…AND THE LORD, our lives were spared.

I, the driver, was apparently spared injury. Sharon, my wife, however, experienced, 10 fractured ribs (with multiple fractures in several), a fractured collarbone that required surgery, and a punctured lung that had to be kept inflated with the insertion of a tube. Sharon was driven 100 miles to the Medical Center of Aurora, CO. First ICU for 5 days then 3 days under regular care. Plan is, if progress goes as expected, we will travel back to Waxahachie by car Tuesday, September 12 (air travel is not possible because of Sharon’s lung injury).

All that to say, Sharon and I have discovered the truth of Psalm 91 in the Bible!!! If you haven’t read it recently, let me recommend it to you! My hunch? Like Sharon and I, there will be a time or occasion in your life when you will really need to depend on it’s truth… God your protector and provider! Believe me, we’ve discovered it’s true and are banking on it going forward.

Oh, and after Tuesday, I intend to be back at it with posts from my personal daily time of “Coffee with the Lord.” Hope you understand… and lift a prayer to our wonderful Heavenly Father on our behalf.

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