Exuberant, sincere worship, from the heart pleases God!

Christians worshipping

I just finished reading and reflecting on Psalm 149 this morning during “coffee with the Lord.” One of the great “Hallel Psalms” (Psalms 145-150) each beginning and ending with “Praise the Lord” (or the transliterated Hebrew “Hallelujah”).

The Psalms (Biblical poetry), are known for their “rhyme of thought” or “parallelism” – lines that repeat, reinforce or develop a truth or concept. Think about this as it relates to Psalm 150 (verses 1-3 and 5). God’s people are urged in this psalm to “Praise! Sing! Be glad! Rejoice! Dance! Make melody! Exult! And “sing for joy! Add up all those exhortations and what do you get? … Quite a mental picture or image, wouldn’t you say? Here in the south, someone might call that kind of worship, “Getting down” in worship! It describes an exuberant, joyful, emotional, uninhibited kind of worship that some might even find offensive, excessive or over the top (but God doesn’t)! It certainly is no stoic, staid, reserved, and quiet expression of praise!

And what is the “why” of this kind of worship – what is the reason for it – what is the motivation and rationale for worship like this? Verse 4 tells us… “For the Lord takes pleasure in His people! He adorns the humble (not the high, exalted or arrogant) with salvation!” Then if you look at verses 6b-9 it becomes clear that such praise happens because God gives “salvation” – vindication and victory to God’s people over their enemies!

God’s “pleasure” – His “salvation” – vindication and victory!!! … good reasons to “Praise! Sing! Be glad! Rejoice! Dance! Make melody! Exult! And “sing for joy! Wouldn’t you say? I’m gonna do it today! … And tomorrow is the Lord’s Day – a day Christians especially set aside for worship! Gonna do it especially on Sunday, “the Lord’s Day,” – aren’t you?

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