Reflections on underlining in your Bible – Psalm 145

underlining in your Bible

I am an “underliner” – when I read the Bible I underline what is especially significant to me that particular day. In fact, I’m one of those who believes that any Bible I own is worthy of underlining. And jokingly I tell people… if you don’t like to underline in your Bible, get over it!

Well today was one of those “underlining days” … I started reading a particular passage – Psalm 145 to be precise – then I started underling what was especially significant and meaningful to me and when I finished, I looked down at my Bible and I had underlined it all!

So here is my advice today… get out your Bible and read Psalm 145 and see if you agree… The whole psalm is powerful, potent, and precious – every line of it! … and worthy of underlining! In fact, I gave the Psalm a title and jotted it in the margin of my Bible… Here it is:

“From One King to Another”

The traditional attribution of Psalm 145 is, “A song of praise from David.” So now picture this: David the king bowing before the Heavenly King – “King of kings and Lord of lords” – with hands uplifted, uttering these words in worship and praise! There you’ve got it – the right posture for reading this psalm… “From One King to Another!” Now read Psalm 145 in your own Bible and enjoy!

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