Serving the Lord together… Some wonderful people come to mind!

Serving the LordMy Bible reading this morning reminded me of some of the wonderful fellow Christians and faithful servants of the Lord (“ministers” if you please) with whom I have had the privilege of serving the Lord…

Paul recalled with affection several and he drew his letter to the church in Colossae to a close…

“Tychicus… a beloved bother and faithful minister and fellow servant in the Lord!

“Onesimus… a faithful and beloved brother – one of you!

“Aristarchus… my fellow prisoner (a Christian brother with Paul in prison).

“Epaphras… one of you, a servant of Christ Jesus, who has always struggled on your behalf in his prayers, that you will stand mature and fully assured in all the will of God… he has worked hard for you!

“Archippus… who needed to be sure to fulfill the ministry that he had received from the Lord.

And finally to all those who served alongside him… “Remember my chains (i.e. my imprisonment – it’s cause and purpose), Grace be with you!”

(from Colossians 4:7-18)


It brought to mind several I’ve served alongside (and received ministry from) – fellow servants of the Lord I treasure and love deeply (and if I start I just know I’ll overlook a lot of people who are really important to me! … So this list is just a starter – many more will come to mind as I reflect on it…

Delmer Guynes… learned more about leadership from him than any living person.  Mighty in prayer and passion for the advancement of the Kingdom of God worldwide.

Paul Brooks… Deeply committed to the authority of Scripture and passionate that Pentecost be a living reality within the Church

John Wyckoff… a faithful friend if there ever was one, whose concern for spiritual vitality among God’s people is evident in every conversation.

Bruce Rosdahl…  one of the finest Bible scholars and theologians I know who continually exhibits servant leadership and a gentle spirit.

Amy Alexander… gifted writer and teacher who continually exhibits the fruit of the Spirit in all its beautiful variety

Fred and Brenda Kuntz… a ministry team as home group leaders who are exemplary in every way – sacrificially caring for the spiritual and practical needs of those who are a part of their small group.

John and Naomi Brady – Incurably pastors!  Always exhibiting the loving heart of a “shepherd” to anyone they have the opportunity to serve!

That’s just a few that immediately popped in my mind today…. Who would be on your list?  Why not make one and jot down a few notes about them as Apostle Paul did as he finished  writing Colossians… Perhaps even jotting them a note of thanksgiving or telling them about your esteem and appreciation personally.

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