A Powerful Ministry Model – W. H. Griffith Thomas

W. H. Griffith ThomasJust finished reading a wonderful review of the life, ministry and theological contributions of W. H. Griffith Thomas, an Anglican Bible scholar and theologian who served the Lord and the Church in several places, finishing his ministry at Evangelical Theological Collage (which later became Dallas Theological Seminary).  The article I read was written by Thomas H. Cragoe, and is found in THE HANDBOOK OF EVANGELICAL THEOLOGIANS.

Here is what impressed me today as a part of my devotional reading and reflection… I’ve been mulling over it all day long…

According to M. Guthrie Clark, Griffith’s biographer, Griffith Thomas, known for his scholarship and commitment to a high view of Scripture and his passionate dedication to ministry would annually write and re-sign the following statement that he drew up for himself the first time in 1888 at his ordination…

“On this the … anniversary of my ordination, I desire to renew my vows to God and reconsecrate myself to His service.  May He fill me entirely with His Spirit!  May I be holy in character, and earnest in work!  May He continually keep me, ‘All for Jesus!’”  Signed:  W. H. G. Thomas.

Oh what a model for those involved in Christian service – especially in key leadership positions like “pastor!”  I’d like to adopt the practice as my own!  I not only want to sign a statement like that, I want to LIVE my life and carry on the ministry and calling God has given me with those values foremost!  Oh, help me Lord not to fail you. your calling. or your people!

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