Apostolic advice for perilous times…

Coming Storm

I’ve had several conversations the past several days and in each conversation the topic eventually came around to how bad things are – how evil the times are in which we live.  Nothing has changed from the time of Apostle Paul!  Christians in the first century faced many of the same challenges we do!  That’s why Paul gave followers of Christ in the first century the advice he did in Ephesians 5:15-21 (you should read it in your Bible today!)

Here’s my personal summary and paraphrase of Paul’s advice for “times like this”…. (Check it out yourself – see if I’ve treated what Paul had to say fairly)

  1. Be careful – very careful – about the way you live your life as a Christian in times like this!
  2. Make the most of every opportunity God gives you!
  3. Understand God’s will for your life (and do it)!
  4. Stay full of the Holy Spirit – constantly nurture and respond to His presence in your life!
  5. Build up (“edify”) one another with worship (personal and corporate)!
  6. Maintain a life full of gratitude to God for everything!
  7. Highly regard each other’s unique and important roles in Christ!

Hey, I agree that the times in which we live are evil!  I believe Apostle Paul’s advice in this passage is well taken… Gonna work on applying it to my life… today, and tomorrow, and the next day, “until He (Christ) returns!”

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