Reflections on Our 50th Wedding Anniversary… On Life and Legacy

Your Life Your LegacyThis morning I was unpacking a box in our new home and came across a little pamphlet with a message delivered by Dr. George W. Wood, General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God. In “Coffee with the Lord” I don’t often quote others… today is one of those rare times…

“When I was a boy and I was worried or upset about something, I would go to my mother. She would always pat me on the head and say, ‘Now, Georgie, it won’t matter 100 years from now!'”

She was right! One hundred years from now, it won’t matter whether you drive an expensive or cheap car, whether you live in a mansion or a rented room, or whether you buy your clothes from Nordstrom’s or Goodwill! It will not matter whether you pastored a large church or a small one; whether you preached to thousands or a handful; whether you had a public platform or ministered individually as a Chaplain or counselor. What WILL matter 100 years from now is the legacy of your life that you pass on to others!”

From “Your Life – Your Legacy” – Dr. George O. Wood

On this day when Sharon and I celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary let me just say… We want to leave a Godly legacy for our children, our grandchildren, our great-grandchildren… and the many others we’ve had the privilege of knowing, serving and loving over the years!

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