Well this is the week! Celebrating my upcoming 70th birthday with 70 miles!

My life verse - Acts 20[24Well this is the week… On April 8, “your’s truly” turns 70. And for the past several years I’ve run the number of miles of my age the week of my birthday. This year, because of travel and speaking engagements that’s going to be very difficult… SO THIS IS THE WEEK! I began this morning… My plan is to run 12 miles a day for 5 days (6 in the morning – 6 in the afternoon/evening) and then on Saturday 10 miles (5 in the morning – 5 in the evening)… 70 miles this week for my 70th birthday. If you feel nudged… pray for this ol’ prof and friend! I’ll probably celebrate my progress with some posts along the way! Onward to 70 miles this week!!! Oh the pic?… My life verse from the Bible.

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