How “Coffee with the Lord” came to be… and its personal benefits in my life

Coffee with the Lord
My personal devotions have always been very important in my life since my senior year in High School! I would have to say they have been one of the very top reasons I have enjoyed a life of Spiritual victory and growth as well as effectiveness in Christian service. I attribute that to a high school teacher, Dean Shenaman, who happened to be a Christian. He impressed me because he saw the Christian life as an adventure, not merely a duty or responsibility and challenged me to spend personal time with the Lord daily.
This morning I was asked to share with the sophomore and junior classes at SAGU about the importance in my life of what I call “coffee with the Lord” (my personal devotions). Here’s a list of the benefits of “coffee with the Lord” – my regular personal devotions – that I shared with them…

A List of 12 Personal Benefits of Regular Devotions

  1. Solutions to persistent concerns and issues in my life have often been revealed to me during my time of daily devotions.
  2. Some of the most creative ideas and effective ministry strategies have surfaced during my time of daily devotions.
  3. My daily devotions provide a regular opportunity for me to hear God’s voice and communicate with Him about my concerns.
  4. A consistent devotional life provides a regular opportunity and context for God to speak to me about what He considers to be the important issues in my life.
  5. My ability to resist temptation and overcome “besetting sin” is directly linked to the regularity and quality of my devotional life.
  6. My daily devotions provide a regular opportunity for me to gain perspective on the issues of my life and give me an opportunity to receiving Spiritual refreshment.
  7. The “satisfaction quotient” of my personal relationship with God is directly related to the quality of my devotional life.
  8. I’ve found that those I lead tend to emulate my devotional life (that’s either very good or very frightening).
  9. I’ve discovered that effective ministry flows from a “full reservoir” – Keep your reservoir full!!
  10. Worship becomes richer and God more real to me as a result of my regular times in His presence.
  11. I’ve discovered that when I have devotions regularly my relationship with the Lord is an exciting adventure, not simply a duty or an obligation.
  12. Not only that, when I have daily devotions… I grow! Grow!! GROW!!!


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