What an appeal – What a possibility! To be transformed inside-out!

transformed-inside-outI am aware that today’s post could be viewed as a “sermon starter” … I apologize, I really try to avoid that kind of thing. However, I have to admit that during my time of “coffee with the Lord” this morning “5 points” is how this reflection developed in my mind and heart as I reflected on Romans 12:1-2. So here goes…

Romans 12:1-2 is one of the really, really, great passages in the Bible! Apostle Paul has been writing to believers in Rome, the epicenter of the empire. He passionately desires for them to understand what God has done for them in Christ – a plan that includes everyone – both Jew and Gentile. He longs to see these people live victorious, vibrant Christian lives and fulfill God’s purpose for them within their culture. After talking about God’s great redemptive plan and mercy in Christ that saves them, he makes a passionate appeal…

1. The appeal… “Present your bodies as a living sacrifice to God – holy and acceptable to Him”

2. The rationale: Do it “in light of the mercies of God” (In response to all that God had done to redeem humanity in Christ)

3. The significance of it: To present yourself in this way is an act of Spiritual worship – it is the appropriate, rational, Spiritual response to God’s wonderful mercy and grace in Christ Jesus!

4. The implications: We should not be conformed to this world! (We should not allow the broader culture to press us into its mold so that we are more “children of a pagan culture” than we are “children of God!)

5. The potential? Transformation! How? “By the renewal of your mind!” (This is an inside-out transformation! He’ll remake our mind, our heart, our values!)… As a result, we’ll be able to discern the will of God and do what pleases Him!

Oh what an appeal! What a motivation – “the mercies of God!” What an outcome – transformed lives! Doing the will of God from the heart! I want to live that way!

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