Integrity… More important than riches (or anything else)!

integrity-3There are some things (a lot of things really) that are more important than money, possessions, and personal wealth!  One of those things… In fact, one that really at the top of the pile, is integrity!

One definition of integrity is:  “The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.”  I’d add to that “authenticity, inside – out!  Remaining true to yourself, your values, and God – regardless of the pressure or the personal cost!”

Can you think of a living example you know personally?  I’d of course identify my Dad, Ewalt W. Bartel – I watched him stand for what he believed in and maintain his integrity regardless the pressure… Never once, do I remember him compromising his values, his Christian testimony or denying the Lord Jesus Christ by his behavior or words!

And then there is Jesus… the greatest example of integrity I know!  I’ve decided to follow Him!

Here’s what I read in Proverbs this morning on the subject…

“Better is a poor person who walks in his [or her] integrity than a rich person who is crooked in speech and a fool.”

Oh Lord, help me … regardless of the pressure, regardless of the temptations, regardless of my station in life… Help me, by your strength and power, to maintain my integrity!

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