“I Miss My Time with You” (the Lord) – My solution? “Coffee with the Lord!”

This morning during my time of “Coffee with the Lord” I was reminded once again of this great song made famous by Larnelle Harris!  I am so grateful for my daily time with Him!

“There He was just waiting,
In our old familiar place
An empty spot beside Him,
Where once I used to wait
To be filled with strength and wisdom
For the battles of the day
I would have passed Him by again
If I didn’t hear Him say…

“I miss my time with you
Those moments together
I need to be with you each day
And it hurts me when you say
You’re too busy…
Busy trying to serve Me
But how can you serve Me
When your spirit’s empty
There’s a longing in my heart
Wanting more than just a part of you
It’s true…
I miss my time with you!

“What do I have to offer
How can I truly care
My efforts have no meaning
When Your presence isn’t there
But You will provide the power
if I take the time to pray
I’ll stay right here beside him
and you will never have to say..

“I miss my time with you!…”

“I Miss My Time With You!” – Larnelle Harris


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