Are you a “seeker” – Check’n out Jesus? It’s time to go “all in!”

All inYou’ve been searching. You’d admit your heart longs for more – you want deep satisfaction! You’ve been check’n out Jesus. You know some people you respect – that impress you – that are “born again Christians.” You’ve been weighing becoming a Jesus-follower. But perhaps you’re afraid of the commitment – deep within you know it’s not something that you can simply “dabble in.” The Christians you know that exhibit fulfillment and satisfaction in their journey are “all-in!” I guess you could be called a “seeker.”
There was a guy like that in the Bible… I read his story this morning in the Bible. Ever hear of him? Name was Zacchaeus. Rich guy – but he was looking for more – knew the “toys” and the “investment portfolio” didn’t satisfy! Got his money at the expense of relationships and integrity – he was a hated tax collector. He heard about Jesus and wanted to meet him. The news spread that he was coming to town so Zacchaeus slipped over to the rally. The crowd was huge (and Zacchaeus was short)… found a tree, tried to be inconspicuous, and slipped up into a crook in the branches. And sure enough, here came His entourage… there He was – Jesus the guy he’d been hearing about!
Zacchaeus must have thought, “I’d sure like to have a talk with Him after all I heard about Him!” And almost as if Jesus read his thoughts, He suddenly stopped right beside the tree Zacchaeus had been hiding in, looked up right where he was, and called his name; “Zacchaeus, hurry and come down, for I must stay at your house today.” I mean, Jesus even knew his name… knew where he was… and had read his thoughts!
That afternoon at the home of Zacchaeus was incredible! What an experience – Jesus answered all his questions – one right after another. Zacchaeus was ready to “go all in!” He stood up among his friends and exclaimed, “Look, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor. And if I have defrauded anyone of anything, I restore it fourfold!” (THAT, my friends, is repentance!”) Jesus’ response? “Today salvation has come to this house! … For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost.”
(Look it up… It’s in your Bible – Luke 19:1-9)
Hey if you’re looking for something “more”… If you’ve discovered that the “toys, trinkets, and stash” don’t satisfy… Jesus knows your name… He’s aware of the cry of your heart… He knows the “tree you’re hiding in”… and He’s ready to “come to your house!” Listen, “Seekers need Saviors!” “He has come to seek and save the Lost!” Hope you’re ready to go “all in!” (I did and have never regretted it!)

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