Ending one season in your life? What to do next? Pause and praise!

Got the the end of a major section in the Psalms this morning in my Bible reading… (Book 2 ends with Psalm 72 – will start reading the Psalms in Book 3 tomorrow)…

Have you ever gotten to end of one season in your life – one phase in your journey – and wondered what was next? At that point in life have you asked yourself what you should do? Perhaps is was graduation (from high school, university, or finishing an advanced degree). Or it might have been a layoff from a job. Perhaps it was “retirement.” Whatever it was, the question was, “What’s next? What should I do now?”
Well, at the end of Book 2 in the Psalms, I believe we’re given a good recommendation… Pause and praise the Lord! Bless his holy name!
Here’s what it says… “Blessed be the Lord our God who alone does wondrous things! Blessed be His glorious name forever! May the whole earth be filled with His glory! Amen and Amen!”
(from Psalm 72:19)
I don’t know about you, but that seems like really good advice! At the end of various seasons or episodes in life – before you begin something new, something different – Pause and praise! Bless the Lord! And then let Him lead you into something new and different. Going to try to remember that – and do that!

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