Why do the wicked prosper … And often the righteous don’t seem to?

Why the wicked prosper (and the righteous often suffer and don’t seem to prosper) has been a source of questioning and frustration down through the centuries… It is a source of frustration for many even today. (I heard some exasperated questioning on the issue just this week… And I admit it, I’ve been guilty a time or two). During “Coffee with the Lord” this morning I read a helpful Biblical answer from “the Sons of Korah” in Psalm 49 that I’m grateful for…
“Hear this, all peoples! Give ear, all inhabitants of the world, both low and high, rich and poor together! … Why should I fear in times of trouble, when the iniquity of those who cheat me surrounds me, those who trust in their wealth and boast of the abundance of their riches? Truly no man can ransom another, or give to God the price of his life, for the ransom of their life is costly and can never suffice, that he should live on forever and never see the pit… Man in his pomp will not remain; he is like the beasts that perish. This is the path of those who have foolish confidence… BUT GOD WILL RANSOM MY SOUL FROM THE POWER OF SHEOL, FOR HE WILL RECEIVE ME! Be not afraid when a man becomes rich, when the glory of his house increases. For when he dies he will carry nothing away; his glory will not go down after him. For though, while he lives, he counts himself blessed —and though you get praise when you do well for yourself — his soul will go to the generation of his fathers, who will never again see light. Man in his pomp yet without understanding is like the beasts that perish.” (from Psalm 49 ESV)
Hey, God’s got it under control… So I’m not going to fret about it! I’ll leave it to Him and rejoice in the bright future He promises those who follow His ways!

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