A new heaven and new earth… a new Jerusalem… An awesome future ahead for God’s people!

New Heaven and New Earth
This morning I read one of the most beautiful passages in all of Scripture… Isaiah 65:17-25… God’s prophetic message through Isaiah of the wonderful future ahead for God’s people! A new heaven and new earth where righteousness dwells! A new Jerusalem! Millennial blessing and God’s eternal kingdom all blended into one incredible scene!
So here’s what I did… I Googled the phrase “new heaven and new earth” into “images” and looked at the pictures there… all mental images – the imagination of someone about what “heaven” will be like – imagination run wild! And all of them taken together don’t begin to touch the splendor, the beauty, the grandeur of what lies ahead for the people of God! (I’ve included one sample to tease your imagination.)
Here’s Isaiah’s prophetic vision of it all… (Enjoy! Savor it! Relish the thought!)
“For behold, I [God] create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind. But be glad and rejoice forever in that which I create; for behold, I create Jerusalem to be a joy, and her people to be a gladness. I will rejoice in Jerusalem and be glad in my people; no more shall be heard in it the sound of weeping and the cry of distress. No more shall there be in it an infant who lives but a few days, or an old man who does not fill out his days, for the young man shall die a hundred years old, and the sinner a hundred years old shall be accursed. They shall build houses and inhabit them; they shall plant vineyards and eat their fruit. They shall not build and another inhabit; they shall not plant and another eat; for like the days of a tree shall the days of my people be, and my chosen shall long enjoy the work of their hands. They shall not labor in vain or bear children for calamity, for they shall be the offspring of the blessed of the LORD, and their descendants with them. Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear. The wolf and the lamb shall graze together; the lion shall eat straw like the ox, and dust shall be the serpent’s food. They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain,” says the LORD!” (From Isaiah 65:17–25 ESV)
And if that isn’t enough to blow your mind, just check out Revelation 21-22 in your Bible! Wow! What a wonderful future for the people of God! Great way to prepare for Easter next week wouldn’t you say?!

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