Greatest life-journey ever… “Walking with God!”

Walking with God 1The Bible reading plan I use (the one I created) has no assigned reading for “leap day” in February… So I spent my time of “coffee with the Lord” this morning exploring the theme of “walking with God” in the Bible.

If you were to identify a term that best describes “discipleship” in the Bible it would not be “sit, stand, run, fly, sail” or any other term like that… It would be “walk!” That’s right, “WALK!” Sounds boring doesn’t it in our instant, speed-oriented, world. But “walk” it is… One foot in front of the other, through thick and thin, hot or cold, up’s and down’s, advances (or what seem to be reverses)… Not walking alone though… NEVER alone as a disciple! Walking, first and foremost, with God. Then walking along with fellow pilgrims… Walking in “the fear [or reverence] of the Lord”… Walking in obedience… Walking in faith… Walking faithfully… Walking in love… Walking in the light… Walking in the way of righteousness… Walking in the Spirit (not the “flesh)… Walking in the way of godly people who have gone before us… Walking with God until one day He catches us away to be with Him (like Enoch)… Walking!!!

OK, all of that a setup for the Bible study series I’ll be teaching at Trinity Church in “Truth-Seeker’s Class” beginning Sunday, April 3 in the Heritage Room (10:45 a.m.) … You’re invited to join us!!! Food! Fellowship!! Friends (who are also “walking)!!!

Here’s the promo: “Walking with God – A Life-Transforming Journey!” We’ll be exploring what the Bible has to say about the greatest journey anyone can be involved in… Walking with God! An exciting adventure, filled with all kinds of experiences but led by the greatest companion and guide anyone could ever have… God Himself!”

Yup! Had a great time this “leap day” morning exploring the theme of “walking with God” in my Bible! Come join us beginning April 3!

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